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Mon 27 Sep 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

material / rearranged / to / be: Panel Discussion

Recorded live at Bluecoat Liverpool Siobhan Davies and the choreographers and visual artists involved in material / rearranged / to / be discused the concept, development and realisation of this ambitious, ever-changing performance installation. Discussion touched on the performer's own contributions to a new lexicon of movement, inspired by Aby Warburg's collection of human gestures and poses and neuroscience's understandings of the mind/body relationship.

This informal discussion featured contributions from choreographers Andrea Buckley / Siobhan Davies / Helka Kaski / Charlie Morrissey / Efrosini Protopapa / Matthias Sperling and visual artist Emma Smith. The event was chaired by Programme Director of Siobhan Davies Dance Lauren A Wright and introduced by Bluecoat's Head of Programme Marie-Anne McQuay.