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Thu 20 Jan 2022

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Notes on Gesture — III: Curated by Jeremy Millar
16 Sep – 29 Nov 2016

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Part I: 26 Feb – 17 May
Part II: 3 June – 31 July
Part III: 16 September – 29 November (with an event on 26 November)

‘Each gesture is an event — one might even say a drama — in itself.’ Walter Benjamin

Notes on Gesture is an exhibition conceived by artist Jeremy Millar considering the status of a gesture, as something either made or performed. Unfolding throughout the year, emphasis is placed not on individual artworks but the relationships and interconnected gestures between them.

The exhibition comprises performance, film, photography, and spoken word works. Drawing upon the art historian Aby Warburg’s idea of the recurrence of certain gestures in different times and different places — the ‘afterlife of images’ — certain works will be included in more than one of the exhibitions. These shifting, recurring displays will create new combinations throughout the year, with works made familiar and unfamiliar in turn.

The final instalment (part III)  is marked by the sense of ending: melancholy, surrender, and death. Including works by artists Anna Barriball, Bas Jan Ader and Graham Gussin, as well as older works and archival imagery from the Warburg Institute and Carl Theodor Dreyer’s extraordinarily powerful film, The Passion of Joan of Arc, the exhibition explores gestures of loss and letting go, and what may lie beyond. DOWNLOAD the exhibition information sheet

Part II included an updated commision of Kari Altmann's video work Multitouch I (2012-Ongoing) which highlights bodily movement and gesture within a digital realm; Darcy Lange’s 1974 film, Documentation of Working Life in Bradford focusing on the repetitive, bodily movements and gestures of some of Bradford’s factory workers; a series of black and white photographs taken from Bruno Munari's 1963 book - Supplement to the Italian Dictionary and a selection of diverse images representing the hand, and the gestures made by from it from the Warburg Institute Photographic Collection. DOWNLOAD the exhibition information sheet

Part I of the exhibition included works from artists Paul Elliman, Heather Phillipson, Rebecca Warren and William Anastasi, among others. It also included archival materials from collections such as the V&A and the Warburg Institute. DOWNLOAD the exhibition information sheet

This exhibition has emerged from the development of the new work by Siobhan Davies Dance to be presented in 2017.

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Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Road
London SE1 6ER
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