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Mon 27 Sep 2021

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Creative Contemporary Dance Online
Wed 13 May 2020, 6.30pm
Wed 20 May 2020, 6.30pm
Wed 27 May 2020, 6.30pm
Wed 3 Jun 2020, 6.30pm
Wed 10 Jun 2020, 6.30pm
Wed 17 Jun 2020, 6.30pm

Our studios may be closed, but in place of our regular Wednesday night Creative Contemporary Dance class we are hosting an online summer term, led by teacher Laura Doehler.


The class draws on principles of Release technique, emphasising flow, breath and connection with the floor. Each session begins with a warm-up to awaken the senses and tune awareness within the body and to the space, and then you will playfully explore dance material that builds into dynamic movement sequences.

The classes accommodate both beginner and intermediate levels to support confident and articulate dancing.

Find out more about our regular Creative Contemporary classes at the studios.

What to expect

These online classes will be delivered through a combination of live and pre-recorded material, so that participants can benefit from both a communal atmosphere and work at their own pace and in privacy in their home. Each class will open with a live introduction from Laura, who will share class materials with the group. Participants will then move through these materials and will be able to contact Laura for support if needed. Coming together for the end of the class, there will be space for questions, conversation and sharing experiences. Class video materials will be available for 2 days following the class.

Preparing your space for the class

Participants should ensure that their space is safe to move in. If taking part, we suggest that you clear a space in your home similar to that of your arm span as a minimum, with room to turn and shift. Remove hanging items or precarious objects close to you and be aware of your surroundings at different levels. Ensure that young children or pets are unable to disrupt or enter your space unnoticed. This class is best taken bare foot, or with socks on, so we advise you check your floor is safe for this (no splitters or trip/slip hazards). You might also want a bottle of water handy.

How to attend 

On the morning of the class, and again just before it starts, you'll receive a link and a password via the email you used to purchase your ticket. At the time of the class this link will take you to the meeting. If you do not receive this email please you check your junk or spam inbox, otherwise please contact us. In advance of the class we advise that participants install Zoom. If you need support installing and introducing yourself to this software then please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.





Picking up on impermanence and change Laura choses improvisation as the format to trace and train focus that observes change. She initiates collective processes that in themselves facilitate and disseminate an embodiment of ideas, which circle around social connectivity and manifest via events that people can participate in and witness. The shedding of boundaries of self and other and the integration of performance and practice as part of everyday life are reoccurring themes. The most recent work of Exit Map which Laura is founder of, The Shared Training Practice in SE London, the Free to Move Movement, and Trilogy Twerk a Sonata, are projects brought to life in close dialogue with other cross-disciplinary artists that build on collective ownership and are defined by processes; the product being ourselves changing. Laura Doehler, BA (Dance Theatre) and MA (Performance Making), teaches movement (release, CI, improvisation, composition and movement analysis) in HE at the National School of Circus Arts London. H2dance, Tara’ Darquin, Monsur Ali and Anne-Gaelle Thiriot are artists she is currently working with as performer, collaborator and researcher.