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Fri 17 Sep 2021

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Doing Day: Movement Improvisation and Visual Description with Annie Hanauer and Louise Ahl
Sun 17 Feb 2019, 11am–4pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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A day of movement exploration and improvisation open to everyone.

This Doing Day, with Annie Hanauer and Louise Ahl, is part of our regular series inviting you to experience dance and movement through actually ‘doing’ and engaging physically with artists and their processes. Absolutely no experience necessary and we welcome participants identifying as disabled.  

Dancer and maker Annie Hanauer, and dance artist Louise Ahl (AKA Ultimate Dancer) will encourage you to use movement, audio-visual description and text to uncover composition within improvisation and find new ways of working accessibly in choreography.

The day will consist of two sessions; the first half led by Annie begins with an energising full body and voice warm-up, followed by improvisational games designed to get physical, connect to each other and enhance the ability to notice and respond. In the second half of the day, led by Louise, you will work with discovering composition within improvisation, transferring movement into writing and audio-visual description to uncover new starting points for creating from different positions and access points.

This is an opportunity for those with, or without, dance experience to use their own bodies and experiences to learn more about choreography and movement. 


Part of this workshop has grown out of Annie’s work-in-progess titled Exercises in Telepathy, a structured improvisation using movement, voice and BSL, which will be shown at our Open Choreography Performance Evening on 8 March.

To book click here, or you can email or call 0207 0919 650.

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