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OPEN CALL: Percolate Programme
16 Jan – 12 Feb 2020

Siobhan Davies Studios

We hear from artists all the time how difficult it is to support their ideas. Percolate is our response. We want our support to be responsive and timely – to hear what artists need and be able to offer it.

Percolate is a new programme from Siobhan Davies Studios offering flexible support to artists. There will be three open calls per year, offering cash, free studio space and the support of our team for those selected. We want to hear ideas that might not fit into ordinary funding structures, or about something new that you’re testing.

Siobhan Davies Studios supports artists working with dance and choreography. We support work informed by research and investigation, often across varying disciplines and contexts. Whether you’re a dance artist exploring a new piece, a visual-art collective working on a film involving choreography, or a hip-hop dancer delving into new modes of working – or many others besides – we would love to hear from you. We recognise that additional barriers exist in dance and the arts for disabled artists and artists of colour, so we strongly encourage applications from artists identifying in these ways.

Percolate is an all-encompassing programme taking over from our previous Torchlight and Open Choreography programmes. This change allows us to have more frequent call-outs and offer more bespoke support to artists. We will host up to four Percolate Artists each season, who will be central to our artistic programme at Siobhan Davies Studios.

We welcome proposals for:

  • Studio time to develop a new project or idea or revisit something that still interests you
  • Performance events or sharings
  • Talks or discussions
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Screenings
  • Other things we’ve not imagined but which would benefit from our support

Public engagement is an important part of our artistic programme. So, we will work with you to ensure your idea reaches an audience, whether in person at a sharing, talk, workshop, screening or exhibition, or if you’d prefer, via our digital platforms.

Support offered (as needed):

  • Seed funds – up to £1000.
  • No-cost space for research, rehearsal or events up to 5 days with the possibility of additional days at a reduced rate)
  • Technical support
  • Marketing support
  • An outside eye / curatorial dialogue
  • Connections with SDD’s networks

We are now accepting applications for activity to start during our upcoming Summer season, May – August 2020.

Applications are open until Wednesday 12 February 2020, 10am

Find out how to apply in our Artist’s Brief. Please read the Application Form, however please submit your application via Google Form

Please direct any questions to Hayley Miranda, Communications and Production Assistant,

We are building an FAQ page out of questions we receive as they come in. You can access this here.