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The Collection at Siobhan Davies Studios and Victoria Miro Gallery
24 Mar – 9 Apr 2009

Siobhan Davies Studios

Siobhan Davies collaborates with leading London gallerist Victoria Miro to present The Collection. For three weeks, performers and artists present specially commissioned dance and artworks at Victoria Miro Gallery in North London and Siobhan Davies Studios in South London.

The Collection is a series of ambitious collaborations that look at the interfaces of contemporary art and dance, where these worlds intersect and how they might inform one another.

Victoria Miro Gallery premières a new work by Siobhan Davies created with Catherine Bennett, Matteo Fargion, Henry Montes, Deborah Saxon and Matthias Sperling. Performed continuously for six hours each day, the work is juxtaposed with Doldrum by the artist Anri Sala, which comprises a drum programmed to produce its own rhythm which in turn is taken from a piece previously performed by Siobhan Davies.

Showing in the other gallery spaces at Victoria Miro is a group exhibition of works that allude to movement, repetition or a physical engagement with space. New commissions, including Lying in Wait, a three-screen film installation by Idris Khan and Sarah Warsop, an outdoor sound piece by Susan Philipsz and a film by Alex Hartley. Also on show are works by Francis Alÿs, Yayoi Kusama, Cildo Meireles, Roman Signer and Sarah Sze.

The architecturally impressive Roof Studio at Siobhan Davies Studios is usually occupied by dancers, but for the duration of The Collection it houses a new installation by Conrad Shawcross, Slow Arc Inside a Cube III. This work consists of a singular light source that is programmed to make random movements within a mesh cage, casting infinitely changing shadows across the Studio and creating limitless spatial distortions.

‘Focused on subtle articulations of rhythm and gesture, her works explore what the dancing body can look like, away from the dash and colour and seduction of traditional virtuosity....These are fascinating conditions in which to see Davies' choreography.’ Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

‘It’s much more theatrical than most visual art, but also more object-like than most choreography. It certainly takes Davies away from the main currents of British contemporary dance into fresh territory; time will tell whether this new step will open a new path for her – but if she wanted to shift the ground beneath her feet, this does it.’ Sanjoy Roy, New Statesman

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