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Edge and Shore: Acts of Doing
30 Jan – 7 Feb 2015

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh
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Please note the making process is highlighted for two hours each day from 2pm-4pm, except Monday 2 Feb.

Visual artist Helen Carnac and dance artist Laïla Diallo present Edge and Shore, a new work exploring the edges and boundaries of making and working, performance and installation.

Working within the gallery space the artists reveal an ever-evolving work that brings together objects, images, film, writing and live making. A development of an extended research project where the artists considered process and making, the work explores where the borders of their two creative practices meet and permeate.

The artists develop the work in the space through a series of live interventions and installations, working with collected and found materials, work made during previous iterations of Edge and Shore and adding new objects and materials found within Dovecot and the surrounding area. Throughout the making process, Carnac and Diallo consider how location, space and the people around them imbue a work particular to that moment in time and leave a trace.

The work offers an insight into the making process which is highlighted for two hours each day (2pm-4pm, except Monday 2 Feb) when the artists are in a focused period of activity in the space. Visitors are invited into the space throughout the day to see the work progress and encouraged to come back at regular intervals over the eight-day period to observe the different states that a work might take in a process of live making.

Edge and Shore is a progression of Side by Side (2012), a six week residency initiated by Siobhan Davies Dance in partnership with the Crafts Study Centre where the two artists were invited to investigate the act and process of cross-disciplinary making.

This work is commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance, co-produced by Dovecot Studios and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Developed with additional support from Battersea Arts Centre, Bristol City Council, Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Quay2C and Stroud Valleys Artspace.

For further details about the work and visit the Edge and Shore blog. DOWNLOAD an Edge and Shore map here.

‘Connections were made, in the moment, then overtaken by forces of gravity or the sheer random waywardness of the objects themselves...what lingers is an incentive to look and listen with fresh awareness.’ Mary Brennan, The Herald

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