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Sun 17 Oct 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

SOUTH OF NO NORTH: Live performance works by Ruth Barker and Romany Dear and Film Screenings
Sat 3 Oct 2015, 7pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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An evening of performance and film works as part of the exhibition, SOUTH OF NO NORTH, by Ben Harman (Director, Stills: Centre for Photography, Edinburgh):

Artists Romany Dear and Ruth Barker present live performance works:

Ruth Barker will present What To Say When There Is Nothing To Say (no words no sense of the appropriate), a new work, in three interlocking parts. Romany Dear will show two live works, Solo Variations (2015) and Ballers (2014) danced with Ashanti Harris and Julia Scott. Both works demonstrate her interest in using choreography and movement to explore ideas around athletics, communication, resistance and rhythm.

Film Screenings:

I Know Where I'm Going! Directed by Powell & Pressburger (1945), 91mins (screening begins after live performances)
A classic black and white feature film by the legendary Director’s Powell & Pressburger which tell the story of a young middle-class Englishwoman, Joan Webster, who is determined to have the finer things in life, and to that end plans to marry Sir Robert Bellinger, a wealthy, middle-aged industrialist. En route to find her future husband, Joan is stranded on the nearby island of Mull, during which time she falls in love with young, insouciant naval officer Torquil McNeil.

Rainer Variations, Directed by Charles Atlas (2002), 41mins (running durationally throughout the evening)
A video portrait of Yvonne Rainer by the celebrated director Charles Atlas. The documentary mixes archival footage with interviews.

SOUTH OF NO NORTH runs at Siobhan Davies Studios from 18 September - 29 November and includes new and existing works which reflect varying approaches to art as performance, or performance as art.


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