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Sun 17 Oct 2021

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8–11 May 2014, 11am–4pm

Turner Contemporary
Free entry

Siobhan Davies Dance returns to Turner Contemporary to present live movement installation Manual, choreographed by Siobhan Davies in collaboration with dance artist Helka Kaski.

Manual demonstrates how we are experts in the movements which make up our daily lives. Kaski invites visitors to Turner Contemporary’s current exhibitions, ‘Making Painting: Helen Frankenthaler and JMW Turner’ and ‘Edmund de Waal: Atmosphere’, to complete a familiar action by providing a set of verbal instructions. Through this conversation it becomes clear that movement which at first may appear easy is actually complex and extraordinary and often results in unexpected dialogue. Manual draws attention to simple actions, meticulously dismantling their timing and order.

Originally commissioned for Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Glasgow in 2013, Manual is remounted within the context of Turner Contemporary’s spring exhibitions.

“By introducing Manual into the exhibitions we are inviting visitors to notice stillness and movement in the art works around them. Whilst De Waal’s work is animated by the natural light as it changes and Frankenthaler/Turner’s landscapes show the energy of painting, Kaski works with visitors to generate movement inspired by actions that we all have archived within our own bodies.” Siobhan Davies

‘Placing Manual in an exhibition of modern art works...only added to our appreciation of how beautiful and clever the human body really is.’ The Scotsman

‘So, go. Kaski's disposition makes your shared encounters a revelation and fun.’ The Herald, Scotland

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Turner Contemporary
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