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Sun 17 Oct 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

Next Choreography Festival 2017
Sun 9 Jul 2017, 2–8pm

Siobhan Davies Studios

The Next Choreography Festival takes over Siobhan Davies Studios once more for a day of live performance, visual art, film and participatory events by our Next Choreography participants and other artists.

The annual festival is the culmination of Next Choreography 2016-17, our yearlong course for curious young choreographers aged 14—25, led by dance artist Amy Bell. The festival opens the choreographic notebooks of the Next Choreography participants, each of them sharing experimental sketches reflecting aspects of the creative exploration and collaboration that has taken place over the last 12 months.

“I hope audiences will enjoy journeying around the building and discovering this intelligent, playful and intriguing collection of works as much as I have enjoyed working with them.”

- Amy Bell, Next Choreography Facilitator

Next Choreography Festival is a celebration of the learning and development of this group of future choreographers and dance artists. The participants have also had the opportunity to work with writer and dramaturg Martin Hargreaves and together will present a collaborative performance to close the festival.

The festival is free to attend and open to all.

Advanced booking required for Body in Space workshop.  

Some performances have a limited capacity, arrive early to avoid disappointment.  

Festival Programme: 

2pm—3pm: Body in Space Workshop

Join a free exploratory workshop to find a place for the body in space and choreography in context. Advance booking recommended.

To book a place or for more information contact: / 020 7091 9650.

3pm4pm : Explore choreographic sketches by Next Choreography participants happening around the building

Guide by Louis Norman

Performers Charis Taplin, Eloise Derham, Iris Supple-Still, Saira Lennard, Adrianna Michaelska and Stephanie Johnson will respond to Louis’ score and perform a series of improvisations.

Menu by Aoife Prendergast Knight and Louis Norman

What do you expect from a performance that lasts just 32 seconds? Step inside the Siobhan Davies Studios lift and leave your expectations on the ground floor.

Welcome — A Welcome Dance by John Sawney

The festival moves beyond the walls of the studios and performers invite audiences into the spirit of the festival. The Welcome performance has been choreographed by John Sawney and features performances by Kendra Chiagoro-Noel, Demsey Legrand, Stella Rousham, Betty Welch, Danni Kolanis and Adrianna Michalska.

Connect Two by Adrianna Michalska and Dani Kolanis

Explore the non-visual and visual experience of movement and audience relationships with Connect Two. This interactive performance offers an intimate encounter between two performers and two audience members at a time. This is a limited capacity performance, you can sign up to experience the work on the day of the festival.

4pm5.45pm: Young Artists' Feedback Forum 

The Young Artists' Feedback Forum provides a platform for some of our Next Choreography participants to share their work in-progress with an audience and for you to share your thoughts and questions with participants. 

5.45pm6.45pm: Explore additional choreographic sketches by Next Choreography participants happening around the building

Welcome continues

Accumulating by Saira Lennard, Iris Supple-still, Eloise Derham and Charis Taplin

A performance that unfolds around you; objects and performers move together around the connecting spaces of the Siobhan Davies Studios.

What is Choreography? By Stella Rousham, Kendra Chiagoro-Noel, Betty Welch and Dani Kolanis

Part performance and part presentation, this work questions the limits of choreography. Can you choreograph the audience’s reaction or expectations? Can you choreography events? Can you choreograph sound? What happens when we attempt to define ‘choreography’?

7pm7.50pm: Performance Presentations

The festival concludes with a series of sketches, performances and experimentations from the Next Choreography participants and a collaborative work created with dramaturg Martin Hargreaves. Performances will include:

Who’s Next please? By Yanaelle Thiran

One aspiring choreographer, inspired by 15 peers' personalities, attempts to assimilate 36 lessons and a festival of new creations. How could everything connect, piece by piece? What can one retain? What remains at the end?

A Simple Proposition by Yanaelle Thiran and John Sawney

Two voices in two different languages perform a monologue. Using chairs and movement Yanaelle and John explore ideas of contradiction.

Greatest Hits by Martin Hargreaves created and performed in collaboration with Next Choreography participants

A collaborative work created with Next Choreography participants exploring ideas of forgery, theft, transmission, translation and contamination of ideas. What constitutes a creative act? What’s original? Greatest Hits questions theft, plagiarism, influence, homage and ownership in dance.

All day:

What is a Score? by Stephanie Johnson

Visual artist Stephanie presents a series of works in the research studio. Creating a museum of choreography scores, the exhibition responds to the activities that have taken place over the year.

Self: Part 1 (film) film installation by Kendra Chiagoro-Noel

Who are you? How do people perceive you? Does it matter? Interior Self asks questions about identity and other questions participants have been exploring over the last year.

What do you mean? Sound installation by Demsey Legrand and John Sawney

Voices scattered around the building overlap, repeat, scatter and perform together. Experience a sound installation that, using gathered words from the duration of the course, what do you mean?


For more information about Next Choreography click here, or check out the Next Choreography blog here.

Interested in taking part in Next Choreography 2017/18? We are looking for expressions of interest from potential participants. Click here for more information.

The Next Choreography Festival is produced by Siobhan Davies Dance and curated by Amy Bell.


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