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Sun 17 Oct 2021

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Open Choreography Performance Evening
Fri 22 Nov 2019, 7–11pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Open Choreography Performance Evenings are a chance to experience work-in-progress by selected artists. Spend your evening at our Studios as they become alive with performances, street food, a bar and plenty of interesting conversation.

This autumn artists Rebecca Mackenzie, anthologyofamess (collective formed by Mariana Camiloti, Antonio de la Fe, Michael Picknett and Petra Söör) and Isaac Ouro-Gnao share varied works-in-progress and offer a chance to engage with them and their artistic practice. Read below for more information in each work. 

anthologyofamess, General Waste

anthologyofamessis developing General Waste, their first hour-long work, at a time of global crisis thus finding themselves gathering and laying down their fears and wishes about a manifestly uncertain future. 

anthologyofamess will present a post-future world where privileges, although meaningless, die hard. A world where most things we knew only exist as phantasmagoric memories of what once was. A world where poetry and unconditional love are the last weapons in a fight against the subjugating force of self-imposed automatised systems of human control. A world in which we finally stand for ourselves together.

Rebecca Mackenzie, COLLIDER

This solo, made in collaboration with composer Reynaldo Young and physicist Jaime Norman, follows a scientist's accidental journey into the beginning of the universe. It is here she discovers what the strong force of the universe is, and that despite all her mistakes, both professional and personal, she matters. 

The piece is inspired by a trip I made to CERN earlier this year, where I interviewed physicists and went down in the Large Hadron Collider itself.

Shifting between the lab, the beginning of the universe, memory and the there-and-then moment of theatre studio, the piece uses combination of text, movement and sound, in a collaborative act of imagination between performer and audience. There may be a duet with a hoover. 

Isaac Ouro-Gnao, The Oreo Complex

Part dance, part theatre, part visual arts.

'Black on the outside but white on the inside.' Rooted in hip hop dance, west African Agbadja, storytelling and visual arts, The Oreo Complex uncovers the intergenerational discriminatory label and its effect on our mental health and identity.

Through the telling of west African and black British history, the piece attempts to heal identity traumas by reclaiming the Oreo (aka Bounty/Coconut) label. It highlights how important it is to own our identities and to be the ones in charge of the black identity narrative in the UK and western society.

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