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Sun 17 Oct 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

OK Future: A Performance by Lucy Suggate and Connor Schumacher
Thu 9 Nov 2017, 7pm
Thu 9 Nov 2017, 8pm

Siobhan Davies Studios

Please note that both the 7pm & 8pm presentations of this performance are now sold out. 

On the occasion of the Dance and Art Forum dance artists Lucy Suggate and Connor Schumacher present OK Future. A new performance informed by their experiences with the Dancing Museums programme. 

OK Future is a prototype of a future performance space. Devised by Connor Schumacher and Lucy Suggate and tested by you the public. OK Future is in aconstantstate of upheaval  and change. It is anamalgamation ofmany cultural sites and experiences; part installation art, a social choreography,  a movement class, a mindfulness guide….

In the beginning Connor and Lucy met during a two year project called Dancing Museums, it was during this project their interest arose in creating opportunities where everybody is invited to encounter work through embodied practices. By activating the sensory self can we redistribute seeing, doing, consciousness and acts of virtuosity through the body, the imagination and can this bring us all closer to transformation? Most importantly what do we do when it's all over; can we sustain the flexibility of thought, the energy, the new connections made.

OK Future is produced by Dansateliers, Funded by The Dutch performing Arts Fund

Supported by Parade. NL, Siobhan Davies Dance, Dance4 and Yorkshire Dance.

Please note this performance was previously advertised to take place at 7.30pm. The times have now changed to those stated above with an additional 8pm perfromance. 

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