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Sun 17 Oct 2021

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Open Choreography Performance Evening
Fri 1 Dec 2017, 5.30–10pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Our Open Choreography Performance Evening features performances by Evangelia Kolyra, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Francesca Foscarini and Andrew Kerton with Hannah Holland.

Open Choreography Performances feature works at various stages of their lives – some still developing and some being revisited – all in continual process. You are invited to stick around after the performances to hear from the artists and share your impressions with them. 

17:30 – 19:30: Evangelia Kolyra, code bend time (durational work audiences can drop in anytime over this period)

18:00 & 19:00: Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, a body rites itself 
(Performances have limited capacity, please arrive early to secure a space)

19:30: Francesca Foscarini, John Tube; Andrew Kerton with Hannah Holland, Mono EP 

£12 / £8 conc + booking fees

code bend time, Evangelia Kolyra
code bend time is a participatory durational choreographic and performance installation. In it, Evangelia Kolyra responds physically to the infinite variations of tone, pitch and timbre brought to bear upon the phonemes of English language as spoken by the audience. Variations in pronunciation are relayed back to the speaker as movements as distinct as the voice they respond to. (durational)

a body rites itself, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
a body rites itself was made from an ongoing practice into un-socialising and de-constraining multiple voice-bodies moving from a singular sensual, unruly body. A practice of moving into unknown spaces, the liminal in-between self and society. Through a process of invagination, following desire and pleasure into communicability, friction and slippery substance into non-fixity, I ask, what remains? (20 mins)

Mono EP, Andrew Kerton with Hannah Holland
Andrew Kerton (performance) and Hannah Holland (music) will be presenting new material from their current collaboration. Exploring the potential of body as amplifier for sensation and sound, the performance presents an embodied edit of movement and language to form a decisively indeterminate format that shifts between concert, dance and poetic fragments. (30 mins)

John Tube, Francesca Foscarini
John Tube
 is part of Good Lack, a triptych of solos including Back Pack, and Let’s Sky, all navigating three very different performative territories yet sharing the common theme of absence. The title, inspired by the theme, plays with the ambiguity between the words luck and lack. In John Tube a 170cm high black plastic tube (John) inhabits the stage. With its silence and totemic immobility it becomes a catalyst for different meanings and imaginary places, but above all it is an enigma in search of answers. (15 mins)

For this event please be aware that we will be hosting a cash only bar at this event. 

For more information contact or call 0207 0919 650. 

Concessions are available for full–time students (with valid NUS or ISIC cards), assistants or professional carers of people with disabilities and those who are receiving Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Disability Living allowance. 

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