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Sun 17 Oct 2021

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Open Choreography Performance Evening
Sat 28 Apr 2018, 7.30–10pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Our second open Choreography Performance Evening will feature works by Marina Collard, Janine Harrington and The Uncollective (Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin). 

Open Choreography Performance Evenings provide a platform for artists to present work that are at various stages of their creative lives. Works being presented are new, in-process or evolving. You are invited to enjoy performances, hear about the artistic processes and share your own impressions with the artists.

Open Choreography Performance Evening
Sat 28 April, 7.30pm
£12 / £8 conc (plus booking fees)

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Works featured include: 

Something’s Going On, Marina Collard
Marina returns to her solo work as a way capturing and understanding where she is located in her practice: the practice and process of working, the starting somewhere and seeing where it goes, the commitment to the over and over again, the noticing and staying with, the getting lost and lost, lost, and lost again, the giving in to the work. Together with filmmaker Tom Paine, Marina creates a work that hovers and hangs in the space never fully settling and always held in-between the tensions in us. We are definitely here, just not entirely sure where that is.

SOME TIMES, Janine Harrington 
SOME TIMES marks a new phase of making: integrating materials of movement, writing and singing. The project develops ideas from past works around sociality or ways of being together, but is a move from the cognitively-driven installed works Janine Harrington has been making to a more content-driven work. SOME TIMES explores how shifts in scales can offer different possibilities of thinking about where we are in the contemporary moment. 

Augmented Superpile, The Uncollective

A queer strategy to:
- Create a hopeful, hypothetical landscape for non-normative ways of being.
- Transform traditional stereotypes around who or what makes a ‘useful’ contribution to society and its future.
- Indulge in the decoration of it all.
- Process our relationship.

For more information contact or call 0207 0919 650. 

Concessions are available for full–time students (with valid NUS or ISIC cards), assistants or professional carers of people with disabilities and those who are receiving Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Disability Living allowance. 

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