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Mon 27 Sep 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

Open Choreography Performance Evening
Fri 6 Mar 2020, 7–11pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Open Choreography Performance Evenings are a chance to experience work-in-progress by selected artists. Spend your evening at our Studios as they become alive with performances, street food, a bar and plenty of interesting conversation.

This spring, artists Elisabeth Schilling, Saskia Horton, Pepa Ubera and Margarita Zafrilla Olayo with Pato Bosich share varied works-in-progress and offer a chance to engage with them and their artistic practice. This is a unique and intimate opportunity to see and give feedback to artists developing work before it goes on to larger venues.


Margarita Zafrilla Olayo & Pato Bosich, The Floating Book 

“… I raise the temperature of the blood higher than that of the surrounding air by means of my burner, obtaining thus, a greater pressure on the dilation of shapes, which rise in proportion to the expansion of feelings. Beyond the surface, not many can tell what I am now seeing, for buried within the depths of the earth there is the incandescence of a lava to which I belong. 

This secret elasticity frightens the horizon, it is so vertiginous that I am forced to participate in a cosmic body that is sweeping everything away to keep alive. Its anatomy is huge and it must be lived. Giving each other their own quality is an alchemical process, the volatile becomes solid and the solid turns volatile, and a new state is produced; neither raising nor dropping means to float with its pages…”


Saskia Horton, Life According to Motown

Using the story of Motown artist Tammi Terrell, Life According to Motown explores themes such as pressure projected onto women in the entertainment industry, Motown as a vehicle for social change (and how it parallels Hip-hop today), and relationship abuse reflecting Terrell's personal relationships with Marvin Gaye and James Brown.

Exploring how this piece empowers her as a female, Horton is also aware of how it is so much bigger than her - in celebrating Motown as an era which defined the world we live in, being one of the first black-owned record companies in America; crossing over into the mainstream during times of high racial tension & segregation.

Her main collaborator is music producer/composer Jan Brzezinski, whose artistry is unparalleled as a storyteller through sound. Together they have worked collaboratively to produce an entirely original score for this piece.


Elisabeth Schilling, FELT

How are we influenced by the fabrics, materials and shapes that surround us? How do they touch us? How do we feel them?

A moving sculpture, a river of fabric,  an abstract landscape or an amorphous creature: between installation and performance, between the inanimate and the animate, between geometry and phantasm, the interdisciplinary production FELT renders homage to the sense of touch. Skin and cloth, constantly transformed by bone and muscle, become themselves a texture of movement, creating spaces for the imagination.

This piece is a collaboration between the dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling and the designers Mélanie Planchard and Eric Schumacher. The performance will be accompanied with a musical composition by Andreas Papapetrou. The work has been furthermore been supported through the work of curator Simone Stewart, dramaturge Moritz Gansen as well as researcher support Dr. Nele Lipp and Tim Nunn.


Pepa Ubera, CHARCO

Pepa Ubera presents an episode of a larger project called The Machine of Horizontal Dreams (2021), which is a new full-length performance environment for theatre, galleries and site-responsive spaces. The work looks at decoding narratives of progress and has a strong foundation in 3 key areas: social choreography, curatorial performance practice and dance & technology. 

For the Open Choreography Performance Evening, Ubera will share a work-in-progress extract of CHARCO, which forms a standalone episode of The Machine of Horizontal Dreams. CHARCO is a sound, video and performance installation that explores the body's relationship to technology, interrogating our connection to the non-human world. Drawing from feminist science fiction the work is set in an imaginary future in which we see a group of humans that have never experienced nature and have therefore a different understanding of what we recognise now as the sensorial world. It aims to articulate the importance of a bodily experience, triggering imagination and ancestral memories of what it once meant to be human. 


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