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ROTOR at South London Gallery
9–14 Nov 2010

South London Gallery

ROTOR features an ensemble of performances, sound installations and art works, by award-winning artists, based on ideas generated by dance. Siobhan Davies Dance present a special performance of ROTOR featuring works by E V Crowe, Siobhan Davies and Matteo Fargion and an installation by Massimo Bartolini at South London Gallery.

A film of The Score, the original inspiration for ROTOR, is presented in the main gallery alongside three new live works performed by dance artists Andrea Buckley, Lindsey Butcher, Annie Pui, Ling Lok and Charlie Morrissey.

E V Crowe presents two texts directed by Ramin Gray. The first, Live Feed a collaboration with Siobhan Davies, is performed by the four dancers and addresses the process of agreeing and maintaining the movement itself. The second, I’m Going to Show You, is a recorded monologue performed by the actor Justin Salinger, about teaching someone how to tie a knot. Matteo Fargion pursues his love of rhythm, counterpoint and the absurd. In Songbook, space takes a back seat and time takes over. Four dancers, stationed in a row behind their music stands like opera singers at a rehearsal, make their separate perilous journeys through a 33 page solo score for too many words, sounds and movements.

Also on view as part of ROTOR at SLG is Cor a new work by Massimo Bartolini in the SLG’s Fox Garden. Bartolini considers The Score as a glimpse into the microscopic, and expands its rules to a macroscopic level into the surrounding environment by means of what the artist refers to as a ‘performative sculpture’, bringing together a site-specific light installation and live dance performance. Developing ideas explored in other recent outdoor works by Bartolini, Cor consists of a ring of white spherical lamps placed around the garden walls so that a swiftly moving circle of light is created as each lamp turns on and off in quick succession. Echoing the form, direction and speed of that circle, a dancer spins for one hour in the same direction as the movement of light. 

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