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Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening: Siobhan Davies Dance week–long residency
4–10 Jul 2015, 12–6pm

The Curve, Barbican
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Art Gallery, Level 3, Bay 7

Conceived by American artist Doug Aitken in 2013, Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening is living project exploring modern creativity.

This summer, Station to Station comes to London for its one and only international stop, taking over the Barbican for a 30-day ‘happening’. A beacon for cross-disciplinary artistic production, the project draws together international artists from the world of contemporary art, music, dance and cinema to question 'what is the creative landscape in the 21st century'.

As part of the project, Siobhan Davies is joined by artist Jeremy Millar, neurologist Jonathan Cole and five dance artists Andrea Buckley, Charlie Morrissey, Efrosini Protopapa, Matthias Sperling and Sara Wookey to embark upon the making of a new co-authored work investigating what we feel when we are in the action of doing. From exploring the extraordinary complexity of a simple movement like standing up from a lying down position to uncovering how a gesture is the action of a thought, the residency looks at how we understand the physical nature of ourselves. In a world where thought is captured primarily through language the residency focuses on the experience and foundations of thinking in movement.

During the weeklong residency, the collaborators explore ways in which their individual practices co-exist to enliven and enrich the ideas of each other. Given access to the early stages of the creative process, audiences are invited to observe and intervene.

Drawing collaborators from the fields of visual arts, dance, architecture, neurophysiology and neuroscience, each day will feature a conversation from 2pm with an invited special guest from a different discipline:

Sat 4 July, 2pm–3pm: Charlie Morrissey invites Anil Seth, Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex and Founding Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science.

Sat 4 July, 4pm5pm: Siobhan Davies and Matthias Sperling invite Marcus Coates, contemporary artist whose work seeks to test the potential of creative culture as a radical and useful tool in the critical environment of everyday life.

Sun 5 July, 2pm3pm: Efrosini Protopapa invites Sandra Noeth, dramaturge and curator whose research focuses on the relation between artistic and political strategies for action.

Sun 5 July, 4pm5pm: Siobhan Davies Dance invite Emma Smith, UK based artist whose social and participatory practice explores human relation.

Mon 6 July, 2pm3pm: Jonathan Cole invites Dr Julia F. Christensen, Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience who is studying how the sense of agency we have over our actions is modulated by the emotional context in which an action occurs.

Tues 7 July, 2pm-3pm: Siobhan Davies Dance invite Glithero, British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren who create products, furniture, and time-based installations.

Tues 7 July, 4pm5pm: Sara Wookey invites Tom Sykes, architectural designer whose work focuses is on the ways in which people inhabit and occupy the world around them, with a particular interest in the ways architecture can suggest interaction and play.

Wed 8 July, 2pm3pm: Andrea Buckley invites Guy Claxton, cognitive scientist specialising in the enhancement of people's capacity to learn. Joined by Marcus Coates.

Thurs 9 July, 2pm3pm: Matthias Sperling invites Guido Orgs, cognitive scientist conducting research on visual and aesthetic perception of human movement at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London and Brunel University London.

Fri 10 July, 2pm3pm: Jeremy Millar invites Tiffany Watt-Smith, British Academy research fellow at the History of the Emotions at Queen Mary University of London.

Live work Manual (2013) made by Davies and dance artist Helka Kaski will be performed in parallel with the residency throughout its duration.

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The Curve, Barbican
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS
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