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Mon 27 Sep 2021

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An Evening of Reflection with Mich Cota, Jamila Johnson-Small and Antonija Livingstone
Sat 9 Nov 2019, 7–9pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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This evening of reflection is a vague and open format for group conversation that follows events/activities that are part of Jamila Johnson-Small’s Torchlight research which focuses on the politics of boundaries, modes of communication and technologies for survival in hostile environments. For this event, Jamila will be joined by Mich Cota and Antonija Livingstone following on from their week teaching Independent Dance’s morning class.  

JJS: Space to share thoughts on whatever practice/performance/event/activity has happened a few days afterwards. I am interested in the thoughts and words and feelings that surface after something - what is the impact of the work beyond the encounter, for the artist/facilitator and for the participants, or other people who weren’t present but are doing research around similar areas. It’s not an artist talk or a moderated conversation but a room with people in it and maybe some food and drink and a starting point

AL: My gut feeling is it doesn’t need to be talking ABOUT anything
other than what emerges in the room amongst whoever is there big deal
playful and friendly atmosphere
declaring lots of space for...I don’t know...I wonder...
questioning and answering silence and blushing ( my fave )
That said had just read an article earlier this season reflects on a text by an Canadian Indigenous poet and urban geographer Leanne Simpson : Islands of decolonial love

(fragment from text correspondence between AL and JJS)

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