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Mon 27 Sep 2021

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Open Choreography Residency: Julie Cleves & Robbie Synge
28 Aug – 7 Sep 2018

Siobhan Davies Studios

Julie Cleves and Robbie Synge will continue their long-term work, which includes proactively challenging personal disability access issues through object designs and collaborative, physical actions. They will seek input from experts in design and architecture to develop existing and new movement sequences together.

Over eight years ago, Julie and Robbie set about investigating the physical possibilities of moving and dancing together on the floor. Their studio-based practice of several years developed a specific floor-based movement technique and understanding.

Attention since shifted to getting outdoors, being visible and achieving simple ideas such as sitting together on grass and moving together along an uneven forest path. The search for new ways of sharing everyday experiences in turn highlights problems to be solved through novel means.

Julie and Robbie return to Siobhan Davies Studios, their first site of working together, to pursue a specific object-involved sequence of actions involving moving to the floor, sitting and returning to sitting/standing. This sequence is the frame for considering contexts and details around performance and encounter of our work, and its broader implications. Visitors and conversations will be warmly welcomed.

During the residency you are invited to join the artists on the following dates:

Tues 28 Aug, 7pm

Julie and Robbie warmly invite your involvement in conversations around their work and the many themes and questions that arise. As a point of departure on the first day of their residency, Julie and Robbie will share and contextualise their practice - what they do/know/understand up to now - in a presentation of physical actions, video and talking.

The presentation will be followed by facilitated time to respond, discuss and question and opportunities to engage in different ways. Julie and Robbie warmly welcome your input in broadening their understanding of their work, its implications and future directions. 

Thur 6 Sept, 10.30am-5pm
Southbank Centre (part of The Space In-between)

Julie and Robbie will perform some of their collaborative physical actions at unannounced times in the foyer. Film footage of their work will also be show on a TV screen throughout the day. The Space In-between is part of the annual Unlimited Festival, shining a light on extraordinary work by disabled artists.

Our Open Choreography programme gives artists residency and performance opportunities that also invite wider audiences to experience and be part of the making process through open rehearsals, discussions and workshops.

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Siobhan Davies Studios
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