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Open Choreography Residency: Tate N Lyle with Fionn Duffy
23 Jul – 5 Aug 2018

Siobhan Davies Studios

Interdisciplinary artists Tate N Lyle and Fionn Duffy's collaboration gleefully intermingles choreographic and sonic thought, to explore relations between the sound and the body. During this residency, they will experiment with a variety of gestures, materials and means of artistic presentation.

Tate N Lyle are interested in: the body, texture, speech, the materiality of the mouth and lungs, fleshiness, slapping, tapping, touching, the in/tangibility of sound and technology, sound and space, intimacy, slapstick, the sound of laughter, anticipation, hosting, distance, and meandering and hesitant voices.

Our Open Choreography programme gives artists residency and performance opportunities that also invite wider audiences to experience and be part of the making process through open rehearsals, discussions and workshops.

During the residency you are invited to join the artists on the following dates: 

Sun 29 Jul, 11am - 2pm
Roof Studio
Free - reserve your place here

Join Rohanne, Fionn and Paul to toy with some of the materials, gestures, technologies and propositions that have emerged during their residency. They don’t know yet what these will be: but they’re pretty sure it’ll be a nice morning to collectively think, experiment and drink coffee. Suitable for artists, non-artists, idiots, dancers & more.

Radio Play 
Tue 31 Jul, 6pm - late

An online broadcast of contemporary artists working across sound, performance and the voice. Radio Play’s incompetent hosts Rohanne & Paul will be joined (and hopefully learn something from) by Fionn Duffy as they play sounds from an invited network of international peers.

Open Studio
Fri 3 Aug, 6pm - 9pm
Across the building

Drop in throughout the evening to spend some time with the materials and ideas that have emerged from this residency. Works will be loosely installed throughout the building. Events (performances, gestures, micro-symposia, awkward encounters) will be intermittent and given only the briefest announcement. Conversations will flow at the edges of things - like we’re at the edges of a party (in the kitchen, outside having a smoke) - as the borders between here and there are gently blurred.

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