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Surrender in birth, dancing and the everyday, by Katye Coe
Sun 25 Nov 2018, 1–4pm

Siobhan Davies Studios

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Is childbirth an act of surrender? And how might the act of performing dance relate to that?

Dancer Katye Coe invites midwife and birth activist Laura Godfrey-Isaacs to chair a conversation between midwives and women they have attended.

Birth is a significant moment in a person’s life but one which is rarely discussed publicly. The word ‘surrender’ is frequently used when discussing childbirth and carries many connotations. Coe is interested in physical and emotional surrender in childbirth, how surrender is defined in different contexts and how this relates to dance as an act of surrender.

Different definitions and interpretations of the word surrender will be explored. For example, is surrender about giving up, or letting go?

Panel includes:
Katye Coe - Dancer and Torchlight Artist
Laura Godfrey-Isaacs - Artist, midwife and birth activist
Michelle Quashie - Birth activist and creator of the Women’s Voices Conference
Sadie Holland - Case-loading midwife at King’s College Hospital
Fiona Putnam - Actor, writer, producer and mother of two children 

Event Schedule:
12.30pm – Arrival and refreshments
1.00-1.30pm – Introductions by Katye Coe & Laura Godfrey-Isaacs
1.30-2.15pm – Laura Godfrey-Isaacs in conversation with Michelle Quashie, followed by Sadie Holland in conversation with Fiona Putnam
2.15-2.45pm – Tea break
2.45-3.40pm – Discussion groups
3.40-4pm – Summing-up


This event forms part of Coe’s recent research into the concept of surrender in dance and the everyday.

Katye Coe is Siobhan Davies Dance’s 2018/19 Torchlight Artist. The programme supports dance artists and choreographers to deepen and expand their research. We offer artists a year to investigate a significant topic, theme or question of urgency to their practice by offering space, time and resource. Read more about our Torchlight Artist Programme HERE.

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