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Fri 17 Sep 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

Amala Dianor Workshop
Sun 27 Oct 2019, 11am–4pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
£30 / 25 Book here

Amala Dianor’s practice is based on the combining of different dance styles - from Hip Hop to neo-classical, contemporary and afro-dance.  In this workshop participants will unpick choreographic phrases, deconstructing them and reconstructing them using the experiences from within the group. 

Bring your own rhythms, styles, tempo and desire to work collectively under Amala Dianor’s choreographic eye.

Open to all levels. 

Amala Dianor is performing at the Linbury Theatre in Royal Opera House as part of Dance Umbrella. More information about the performances can be found here.  


A Dance Umbrella event in partnership with Siobhan Davies Dance

Supported by FranceDance UK

FranceDance UK is a unique contemporary dance festival running from August to November 2019, during which 17 leading institutions throughout the UK will host over 50 performances by 15 young and promising French artists. With a focus on creation and innovation, the festival particularly highlights diversity and the work of women choreographers, many of whom are present in the UK for the first time.

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Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Road
London SE1 6ER
T +44 (0)20 7091 9650


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