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Choreography Course with Charlotte Spencer: Choreography for the Outdoors
11 Jun – 16 Jul 2019, 7–9pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
£140 / 112

Open to all levels and abilities – no previous dance or choreographic experience required. 


Tuesdays 11 June - 16 July, 7-9pm

In this 6 week course choreographer, facilitator and occasional performer Charlotte Spencer will invite participants to consider the role of choreography in the outdoors and to rethink their relationships with each other and the world around them. Charlotte will use a series of practical tasks and choreographic experiences to encourage you to experiment with where performances happen and how they are encountered by an audience.   

Classes will take place in both Siobhan Davies Studios and at landmarks around Southwark, providing you with a unique opportunity not only to learn more about choreography but also to connect with the urban landscape.   

As artistic director of Charlotte Spencer Projects, Charlotte works across a range of art forms, predominantly in an outdoor environmental context. Her Walking Stories, an audio walk for parks has toured nationally and internationally since 2013 and Is this a Waste Land?, which invites a reimagining of urban landscapes, was part of Dance Umbrella and Dance International Glasgow in 2017.   


A week-by-week breakdown of the course:

Week One – Introduction

A brief introduction to one another, and to Charlotte Spencer and her practice. Experience a taste of one of Charlotte’s previous works in an outdoor location. An opportunity to reflect on the experience and relationship between doing, space and the public.

Week Two – Sensation of performance and understanding space

Experimenting with senses, exploration and experiencing different spaces. Building intricate pictures of spaces whilst withholding senses such as sound and sight. Devising experiments in outdoor spaces of your choice and discussing what the experiments do and feel like.

Week Three – Perspective, size and scale

Playing with a series of scores in different spaces (e.g. narrow, wide open, confined) that help us to understand how our moving bodies ‘read’ various landscapes.

Week Four – Framing and considering the experience of the audience

Consider the choreography of movement of people, animals and traffic in the outdoors. Design movements in response to this to perform to each other, thinking about framing, perspective and scale. 

Week Five – Developing an idea

Work in a group to develop a choreographic idea in an outdoor space for an audience to experience, participate in and encounter.

Week Six – Sharing and reflecting

Share each group’s work in their chosen outdoor locations. Discuss and reflect on what was striking, visible and made possible through each site and performance.


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