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Fri 17 Sep 2021

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Doing Day: Magic and Science: with Matthias Sperling and Katye Coe
Sun 22 Sep 2019, 11am–4pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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This Doing Day, with Matthias Sperling & Katye Coe, is part of our regular series inviting you to experience dance and movement through actually ‘doing’ and engaging physically with artists and their processes.  

Matthias and Katye will immerse you in the tasks and practices used to create Matthias’ new dance work No-How Generator. Connecting with scientific research about embodied cognition and drawing on ritual, shamanism and hypnosis, the Doing Day will be a space to conjure up your body’s intrinsic understanding and intelligence. Come along and develop your skills to work sensitively in collaboration with others; informing how you move and make choices live in the moment of dancing together. Everyone is welcome; the day will be responsive to who is in the room and what is right for them.  

Matthias is an artist, choreographer and performer born in Canada and now based in London.  A regularly collaborator with Siobhan Davies, he is currently pursuing a practice-based PhD at DeMontfort University (Leicester).  Katye, our 2018/19 Torchlight Artist, has over 15 years’ experience as a performer and is currently a freelance dancer and a research artist at Dance4.


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