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Doing Day: Unruly Body with Zinzi Minott
Sat 9 Nov 2019, 1–5.30pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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This Doing Day is part of our regular series inviting you to experience dance and movement through actually ‘doing’ and engaging physically with artists and their processes.

This workshop is for those bodies that cannot be ruled, are tired of being ruled, exhausted by being ruled or not fitting into the rules. Born out of Zinzi Minott’s own experiences of living with, in and through an unruly body both within and outside the dance world, workshop participants will explore notions of unruliness.

Minott’s work focuses on the relationship between dance, bodies and politics. She explores how dance is perceived through the prisms of race, queer culture, gender and class; in particular the place of black female bodies within the form. Through this workshop, participants will explore Minott’s current investigations around her CONTINUOUS Commission looking at Black Dance, archive, duration and memory.

Participants can work within their own abilities and requirements.

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Siobhan Davies Studios
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