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Evening Choreography Course with Florence Peake: Choreography with Materials
14 Nov – 12 Dec 2019, 7–9pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
£145 / 120


Every Thursday evening from 14 November - 12 December, 7-9pm.

Working with clay, wood, large scale mark-making and the body, this course is designed to get participants playfully testing how materials can create, dictate and inform choreography.

Throughout the five weeks, choreographer and visual artist Florence Peake leads a tactile and fun course that takes choreography in new directions. The eclectic mix of materials with different properties will bring fresh ideas and impose new considerations on participants’ ways of moving, making and working.

Prepare to get messy!

Open to all levels of experience; everyone will be supported to play and progress within the course. No prior dance or visual art experience necessary.


For more information or to book please contact reception@siobhandavies.com or call us on 0207 091 9650. 

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