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Mon 27 Sep 2021

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Evening Choreography Course with Joe Moran: Choreographic Histories Now
5 Sep – 17 Oct 2019, 7–9pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
£140 / 112

Thursday evenings from 5 September - 17 October, 7-9pm (no session 26 September). 

For more information or to book please contact contact@siobhandavies.com or call us on 0207 091 9650. 


Choreographer Joe Moran leads a six-week practical course exploring the intersections between formal approaches to choreography and current developments in contemporary dance and performance.

Playfully exploring a number of fundamental choreographic tools including patterning, repetition and variation, this course will address historical and contextual perspectives from the viewpoint of today: looking at how dance relates to its broad and numerous histories and asking how and why we may wish to engage, relate to, use or refute formalism in contemporary choreography.

In an informal, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, weekly sessions will bring together practical experiments in movement and choreography with conversation and reflection, and the opportunity to develop and share choreographic ideas with each other. 


Exercises are likely to include:

Movement explorations - using a range of stimuli, such as physical awareness, anatomy, imagery, sounds or perceptual practices, movement explorations will support us to think about choreography and will also be drawn upon for our choreographic experiments.   

Playing with choreographic tools - there is a wealth of choreographic tools and devices available to us to learn, explore and play with. We will undertake practical exercises, mostly in small groups, exploring tools and approaches from the familiar and traditional to the more radical and experimental. Starting points may include patterning, repetition and variation, duration, spatial composition, qualities, physicality and embodiment or perceptual approaches. These exercises will help us to think critically together about the histories and associations of choreographic tools; what or who is included or excluded in their use, where there may be problems, or indeed, what may be reclaimed or reimagined.

Practicing our ‘choreographic eye’ - the notion that human beings very readily apprehend and comprehend movement and structure will help us think about ideas of meaning, what dancing and movement can say, and how we might also think about choreography in forms beyond dancing. We will experiment with these ideas by sharing and witnessing movement and short composition with each other.   

‘Critical Choreography’ - when we encounter an artwork, we can question what it does or says as a work and how it operates in the context(s) in which it appears; in other words, we may question to what degree a work speaks or relates to social, political, historical and artistic narratives and realities. In this sense, we can think of artistic practice as both critical and political. We will share our thoughts on such contextual ideas within and alongside our practical work and may share an article or two to support our reflections and discussions.


All levels of ability are welcome.

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