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Sun 17 Oct 2021

Studios open 10am–8pm

Young Artist Choreography Lab with Shivaangee Agrawal and Meera Patel: Embracing Emotion
Tue 5 Nov 2019, 6.30–8pm

Siobhan Davies Studios

Each week a different young artist from our Young Artists Collective leads a session, sharing their choreographic research with other young people. This is an opportunity for participants to experience cutting edge, emerging choreographic practice from the next generation of dance artists.

Let’s directly confront emotional expression in dance. 

Both Shivaangee and Meera are trained in dance forms and practices that rely on the communication of emotion, both through gestural movements and technical vocabularies. We are interested in how this attention to emotion can permeate into simple abstract movement in the contemporary dance studio. 

In this lab, we will share tools and devices through which emotional expression in movement can become more intentional and refined. We will work using gaze, careful gesture, emotional arcs and visual imagery to develop with you comfortable ways of embodying specific emotional states. We will also explore how these states are communicated to those watching and the different ways of receiving this expressive movement from one another.


Tickets are £5, please email to book your place. 

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