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Open Choreography International Residency: Sheena McGrandles

Residency: 15 April – 4 May 2019.

Berlin-based dancer and choreographer Sheena McGrandles will be at Siobhan Davies Studios as our first Open Choreography International resident, with support from the Goethe Institute. 

During her residency, Sheena will spend time at Siobhan Davies Studios and visiting other London venues as she develops her new project, FLUSH. She will offer a Doing Day workshop exploring themes and questions in her project and a sharing of her work-in-progress at the end of her residency. 

With FLUSH Sheena further develops her interest in translations between the digital and analogue – how digital image-making techniques, like slow motion, fast edits and giffy loops, can become embodied through laboriously detailed movement. Attempting to develop a ‘lesbian aesthetic’, she will spend time considering images of groups of women from the history of art and popular culture. She will attempt to animate these images with her technologized movement vocabulary to explore how their gestures might become charged with intimacy and eroticism. Sheena will also work with effects of light and makeup as means to transform mood and expression. 


Supported by the Goethe-Institut London.

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