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Open Choreography Residency: Andrew Kerton

As a part of Open Choreography, Andrew Kerton will be in residence at Siobhan Davies Studios from Mon 19 Aug – Sat 24 Aug & Tues 27 – Fri 30 Aug. 

Andrew is hosting a free workshop on Sat 24 Aug. Cilck here for more information. 

What is a somatic approach to video? How might video be an integrated part of an embodied practice? These are my preliminary questions as I enter this collaborative research.

For my residency at Siobhan Davies Studios I will be developing strategies to translate and apply my choreographic methodologies into video.

Coming from visual art my experience with editing video significantly influenced my choreographic enquiry into fragmentation and disjunction. Now I aim to explore, through open-ended experiments, how to turn the results of that enquiry back into the medium that influenced it.

The content of my performances emerges from somatic enquiry, exploring the ways our internal physical space organises external space and influences our inter-relational dynamics. Working collaboratively with performers, videographers, a musician and opening the process up to the public, the residency will take the shape of an expanded video shoot in which we will play at manifesting and articulating these spatial dynamics through emergent movement and language, whilst exploring how a video camera may become an extension of somatic experience.

                                                                                                                                                                                  - Andrew Kerton


Our Open Choreography programme gives artists residency and performance opportunities that also invite wider audiences to experience and be part of the making process through open rehearsals, discussions and workshops.

Past Events

The Embodied Edit: Workshop with Andrew Kerton, Sat 24 Aug 2019

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