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Young Artist Choreography Labs

Each week a different young artist from our Young Artists Collective leads a session, sharing their choreographic research with other young people. This is an opportunity for participants to experience cutting edge, emerging choreographic practice from the next generation of dance artists.


This year we have three labs facilitated by artists from our Young Artist Collective: 

Young Artist Choreography Lab with Korallia Stergides: Planetary Scales - 29 Oct, 2019

This lab will stimulate the imagination of participants who are interested in responding to the relationship between ecological affairs and touch. Stripped of sight, participants will explore alternative processes of creative storytelling using their bodies, props and the voice.

Young Artist Choreography Lab with Shivaangee Agrawal and Meera Patel: Embracing Emotion - 5 Nov, 2019

This lab will focus unabashedly on the use of emotion in movement; using visual imagery, narrative, emotional arcs, gaze and careful gestures, participants will develop comfortable ways of embodying emotional states through movement. 

Young Artist Choreography Lab with Shivaangee Agrawal and Yanaëlle Thiran: Wa(i)ving Borders - 12 Nov, 2019

Working with live music and sheets of fabric this lab will look at fluidity; fluidity with props and music, fluidity within the body and when moving with others, and fluidity between movement styles.