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Youth Programme

Our programme for young people encourages the discussion and exploration of making and presenting new choreography for and with young people.

We support the future development of young artists through opportunities to work with exciting choreographers on new artistic commissions and develop leadership skills to set up their own projects.  The programme integrates professional development for emerging choreographers; supporting their exploration of the art form with young people.

We aim to nurture and empower young people through a number of initiatives: 

  • Next Choreography course - our yearlong course for 14 -24 year olds keen to learn about choreographic processes used across artistic disciplines.
  • Next Choreography festival -  a day of live performance, visual art, film and participatory events by our Next Choreography participants and other artists.
  • Young Artists Collective - our group of young artists whose mission is to develop the skills, knowledge and experience of its members, thereby providing Siobhan Davies Dance with the voice of informed young artists.
  • Young Artists’ Feedback Forums - a platform for emerging artists, curated by the Young Artists Advisory Group, to share their work in-progress with an audience.  See new work, listen and discuss with the artists and fellow audience members.
  • Young Artists’ Choreography Labs - a weekly workshop lead by a young artist exploring cutting-edge choreographic practice
  • Skills development workshops
  • Mentoring for young artists - your support will be allow us to help specific needs of artists to help them develop their practice and ambitions. 

We are constantly evolving our programmed, adapting to the needs of the young people we work with. 

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